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Republican Candidate for Oklahoma State Representative - District 44

RJ Harris is a candidate for state representative in Oklahoma's 44th House District. Representing the city of Norman within Cleveland County, the 44th district includes the following postal codes: 73019, 73069, 73071, and 73072. Click here to learn more about district 44.

"I am running for Oklahoma State Representative from District 44, Norman, because I want to serve and protect the Freedom and Liberty of all Oklahomans and Normanites. I believe that the best government is the smallest and least intrusive government and that government which is local and closest to the scrutiny of the People. As such, it will be my goal, while serving in the Oklahoma State House, to repeal as much legislation as possible, to propose legislation which will protect Oklahomans from the government, state or federal, and to fight against the legislative and or executive proposals of radical Leftists whose national efforts have led to the near ruin of the Republic."

RJ Harris

Throughout his life, RJ has served his country. As a member of the Oklahoma National Guard, RJ has served on 5 deployments and twice been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. Professionally, RJ has served the people of Oklahoma as an attorney with Redhawk Law in Norman, OK. RJ is also an air traffic and airspace researcher for NASA.

  RJ Facts

A Father. A Husband. A Veteran.

RJ has been married to Jennifer R. Harris for 30 years and the couple have five children together ranging in ages from 27 to 14. RJ enjoys the company of his family for traditional holidays, at youth baseball events, playing board games at home with the kids and walking his dogs everyday.

As a father, RJ understands the challenges and obstacles facing families in the wake of a global pandemic and stifling inflation. He wants to put his legal skills, military experience, and personal strengths to work for the people of Oklahoma’s 44th district.

Oklahoma District 44 Candidate - RJ Harris and FamilyPicture of war veteran RJ Harris, a candidate for Oklahoma House 44

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